Musem Gurme Burger

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December 24

Musem Gurme Burger

Educational Content

*Hamburger Ekmeği Yapımı
*Musem Gurme Burger
*Zerdeçallı Soğan Turşusu
*Relish Sos
* Aioli sauce with garlic

The event lasts 3 hours
Working order: There are 12 stations and there is only one person
Workshop max. It is for 12 persons.


–You can take home more of the meals you will cook during our events.
– Etkinliğimizde 18 yaş sınırı vardır.
– It is not possible to cancel the purchased activity and change the course.
– Tickets are for one person.
–Only one person will work at the stations.
– MUSEM reserves the right to make changes to all information at any time and without prior notice.
– You must bring your ticket and/or digital ticket with you on the day of the event.
-En az 6 kişi En fazla  12  kişidir.

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