About Us

The MUSEM building, which was built by Mehmet Avni Efendi in the early 1900s, is right behind the Emine GOGUS Kitchen Museum and has an architecture that is so intertwined that it shares the same life. Consisting of two separate buildings, one is the traditional Antep House and the other is a stone building built later. The building, which sits on a total of 413 square meters of land, was donated to Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality by Mehmet Resit GOGUS to be evaluated in order to keep Gaziantep Cuisine alive.

Gaziantep Cuisine, which is one of the most important elements of Gaziantep's local culture, has to live and be kept alive without compromising its taste and continuity of taste. This process, which requires detailed but holistic knowledge from product selection to procurement, production to protection, preparation to presentation and promotion, has been gathered under one roof with a futuristic approach and has been fully entrusted to future generations. (MUSEM ACADEMY) Culinary Arts Education Center was established by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality in 2013 and is the framework of communication and era of this unique richness.

T.C. Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı’na bağlı özel bir eğitim kurumu olan MUSEM Akademi, 2021 yılı Eylül ayında kapılarını açarak, yiyecek-içecek sektörüne eğitimli ve profesyonel işgücü kazandırmak misyonu ile faaliyete girmiştir.

MUSEM Akademi; culture T.R. It is a private educational institution affiliated to the Ministry of National Education. It opened its doors in September 2021 and started its activities with the mission of bringing educated and professional workforce to the food and beverage industry.

MUSEM Academy; To train professional chef candidates in the field of Gaziantep Cuisine, as well as to entrepreneurial candidates, expert trainer candidates, current chefs who want to make a better career in tourism, and everyone who wants to acquire this knowledge as a hobby; It aims to provide training that is accurate, representative and in line with age-old criteria. MUSEM Academy is able to reach people from all walks of life through daily workshops and creative workshops, along with MONE-approved, long-term, certified trainings. Awareness of every segment on the producing, cooking and presenting side, as well as the consuming side, establishing the familiarity of the palate and having the right idea will be the most important factor protecting and keeping Gaziantep Cuisine alive.

  • Conscious use of geographical indication products will increase, which will create opportunities for local producers.
  • It will be ensured that the dishes are preserved with local recipes containing the most original versions, without allowing personal interpretations.
  • Gaziantep Cuisine will be included in the curriculum as a stand-alone major with a surprising and magnificent repertoire.
  • It will make you feel the unique difference of being the first school in the world to have a “Kitchen Museum” and the first Culinary Museum to have a “school”.