Executive Chef & Local Cuisine Instructor

Born in 1979, Doga CITCI continues her culinary adventure, which started at the family restaurant at the age of ten, with the same excitement as on the first day. He graduated from Mersin University. CITCI’s passion for cooking, which started at a young age, has made his education life pass in the triangle of kitchen, home and school. His childhood and early youth continued with the discipline and intensity of two different educations. He focuses on Anatolian Folk Cuisine, Ottoman cuisine, Seljuk cuisine and old recipes, Anatolian food and life culture. From the very beginning, it has been devotedly involved in the project, which was carried out for Gaziantep's entry into the Unesco Creative Cities network in the field of Gastronomy, and which was subsequently realized successfully. Today, he is still the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Kitchens coordinator. He made presentations by participating in organizations in other countries that reflect the Gaziantep Culinary Culture at home and abroad and are included in the Unesco creative cities network around the world. He is among the chefs selected for the foreign promotion of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Countless Presidency and ministers took part in organizations where high-level protocols were hosted. He made menu preparations and presentations in Turkey's brand hotels. He took part in the organizing committee of the International Gastronomy Festival GastroANTEPFest, and held workshops with chefs from different countries and Michelin chefs. He took part in many associations and federations related to cookery. He is a member of the Wacs-World Confederation of Chefs and also holds the International Jury Certificate of the Wacs-World Confederation of Chefs. Doga Citci, who was the chef and presenter of 52 episodes of "Gaziantep Cuisine" program on Digiturk Bein Gourmet channel and participated in many TV programs as a guest, was selected as the Chef of the Year in the Atesbaz Veli Cook Dede Culinary Culture Event in 2018. His research on Anatolian culinary culture and diversity continues and he has a book study that he is writing by traveling and experiencing. Like the Culinary Arts Center, he is one of the founders of Musem Academy and is the coordinating chief of Musem Academy.

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