Pastry and Bakery Education

Pastry and Bakery Education

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Education Description

  1. Professional Pastry and Bakery Education

    Our course program, which is opened for those who want to have a professional profession by specializing in the field of pastry, completes the training program together with the internship. 18-40 yaş stajlı
    * Food safety
    * Work safety
    * Nutrition
    * Kitchen Equipment
    * Plate Presentation
    * Cakes and Cookies
    * Cake and Cake Decorating
    * Tarts and Quichees
    * Turkish Desserts
    * Desserts from the World Cuisine
    * Pandispanya and Spongelar
    * Chocolate and Processing Techniques and chocolate decoration
    * Classic Cake Making Techniques
    * Decor Work with Sugar Dough
    *Knife Usage and Cutting Techniques
    * Frying Doughs
    * Merenges
    * Macaron
    * Production and Processing Techniques of Laminated Doughs
    * Cupcake and Muffin
    * Yeast Doughs
    * Egg-based creams
    * Frozen Desserts
    * Sauces and Creams
    * Pastry Plastering and Decoration
    * Hot Desserts
    *MEB certificate of achievement
    * Mandatory occupational safety training certificate
    * Hygiene Certificate
    * Passport photo (3 pieces)
    * Copy of identity card (2 pieces)
    * Criminal record
    * Place of residence
    * Health Report
    *Population Registration Sample
    *HIV (Eliza) and hepatitis B and C tests
    *HES Code and vaccination card
    *Copy of diploma from the last graduated school
    * Ödeme kurs başlamadan önce yapılmalıdır.
    * Sadece anlaşmalı kartlara taksit yapılabilmektedir. (World - Maximum)
    * Haricinde kalan kartlara taksit işlemleri için bankanızla görüşmeniz gerekebilir
    * Sitede görüntülenen fiyatlara KDV dahil edilmemiştir.

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