Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who is 18 years old or older and literate can benefit from our educational programs.

The education consists of 4 months of practical training and 4 months of internship, totaling 8 months.

The total amount you need to pay for the 8-month education is 45,000 TL plus VAT

You can make the payment either with your credit card or via bank transfer.

Since there is a limited number of vacancies available, attending the course and successfully completing it will be beneficial for you in terms of finishing the course successfully.

Upon successfully completing the education, you will receive a Ministry of National Education (MEB) approved cooking diploma. The document you receive can also be verified through e-Government services.

Upon completing the 4-month education, you will begin your 4-month internship program. During this period, you will complete your internship at businesses determined by Musem Academy. If you are currently employed, you can complete your internship at your own establishment.