Honorary Instructor

Born in Gaziantep in 1949, Ragip GUZELBEY graduated from primary school in Gaziantep, secondary school and high school from Istanbul Site College. He completed his university education at Marmara Faculty of Dentistry in 1975. He started his career in trade and industry for a short time. At the same time, his interest in Gaziantep and world cuisine, which started during secondary education, and applied research studies have been continuing for 57 years. Mr. Guzelbey, who has a master's degree in leadership and management, has participated in many domestic and international TV series cooking programs, various congresses and symposiums as a speaker, and gave trainings at Gaziantep University's cookery school. He researched the culinary cultures of many countries on site. On behalf of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, he was the sponsor founder of Gasmek culinary school, the founder of Culinary Arts Education Center Musem and took part in the establishment of Culinary Arts Center MSM restaurants. In addition, he served as the representative of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality in many trainings, promotions and presentations at home and abroad. He took part in UNESCO's Creative Cities Network project. He is the co-author of the book entitled "Tastes of the Sun and Fire", which is a collaborative work, as well as the books named Guzelbey Taneleri, Siveydiz, Gaziantep Cuisine.

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